QuantIC’s Professor Robert Hadfield awarded Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Fellowship

QuantIC and University of Glasgow researcher Professor Robert Hadfield has been awarded a Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship  to support his pioneering work on superconducting detectors, the world’s most sensitive detectors for infrared light.

Robert Hadfield

Professor Hadfield has developed some of the world’s most sensitive detectors for single light quanta – photons – and deployed these detectors in a range of important emerging applications, including quantum cryptography, atmospheric remote sensing and dose monitoring for laser cancer treatment. The Fellowship will enable him to spend the next year concentrating in furthering his research in this field.

In addition to the Fellowship, Professor Hadfield has also been awarded a visiting professorship at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm under the Swedish Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology  where he is developing links for research collaboration. He said, “I am delighted to have received these prestigious awards.  This is a fantastic opportunity to explore new research avenues and strengthen our international links.  I am looking forward to contributing strongly to the next phase of QuantIC and the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.”

More information on Professor Hadfield’s Superconducting Nanowire detector with QuantIC can be found here.

Professor Hadfield’s research profile can be found here.