Recruitment Opportunity – QuantIC

The QuantIC team is growing in 2020 as we begin the search for a Business Development Manager/Director to support the commercialisation of quantum imaging technologies.

Based at the University of Glasgow, we are looking for a highly motivated candidate to join a small dynamic team tasked with successfully delivering Phase 2 of QuantIC, the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Imaging, and positioning the University for sustainable long-term activity in this area once the current round of funding expires.

Working as part of the Hub Central Team, you will be directly responsible for the development and delivery of the Hub User Engagement and Commercialisation Strategy, by identifying and delivering on research and knowledge exchange opportunities between the Hub and industry.

Collaboration in research and development with industry will lead to the commercialisation of quantum imaging technologies and deliver maximum economic impact for the UK. You will lead on identifying external funding opportunities and industry investment for future sustainability of the Hub’s activities.

Closing date – 5 February 2020

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